[WEEK 9] AE Motion Graphics Final – Looking For Alaska….NINJA TAKEOVER!!

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This week I’m going to talk about my final motion graphics assignment that’s created71pmd9rdkql-_sl1500_ in After Effects! It’s a 10 second teaser for a book that I really like: Looking For Alaska. It’s getting a movie adaption next year but technically it’s not “created as a movie” yet, soooooo…I’m using  this book for my motion graphics.

A small overview of this book and its story:

So the story basically follows main character Miles “Pudge” on his new life journey in a boarding school called “Culver Creek”. He goes by the life motto of “I go to seek the great perhaps” as he meets new, unexpected people and events. In particular a peculiar girl “Alaska Young” caught his attention the most and had a huge influence on him during his time at Culver Creek. 2 things that Alaska talked about the most before her tragic incident (sorry if I spoiled) are white daisies and the way out of the “labyrinth” (of life). But overall it’s a touching coming-of-age story following Miles dealing with a YOLO teenage life and coping with loss.

Naruto-characters-naruto-15115348-500-375So in my 10 second teaser, I took this story and took a ninja inspired approach, since the ideas of the “labyrinth”, “seeking the great perhaps” really reminded me of mysterious and cool ideas of ninja pop culture, very inspired by NARUTO. I just imagespersonally thought that “Looking For Alaska” could very much be like a coming-of-age ninja adventure like Naruto. Just to clarify though, I’m not doing a cross over of “Looking For Alaska” and “Naruto”, my audience doesn’t need to have any context of either of them to get any references. I just wanted to take a ninja themed approach to “LfA” since the story styles/themes of “LfA” and “Naruto” are very similar, I was just simply inspired by “Naruto”. Discovering and learning about life while encountering deep/mysterious concepts of life yet having the story be fun at the same time.

Since the original concept is kinda dull to work with, I’d like to say that my ninja themed take-on is a “fan spinoff” from the original, like how stories have “fanfiction”. (Like how Sherlock is set around early 1900s and is remade into a modern day series etc)

I made sure to include the significant symbols from the book like the white daisies and labyrinth in my teaser. I also added in some ninja elements like the Japanese traditional doors, “poof” effects like ninja “teleportation” and the ninja throw knife.

mhanitijo_1mhanitijo_2mhanitijo_3I incorporated some effects of speed, teleportation and flight in the motion transition20151111_152016-1s of my graphics so far. Here’s some of my rough storyboards on the side…

I hope by the end of my project, I’ll be able to incorporate all the ideas I want to use in it smoothly and effectively in 10 seconds. Like adding some cool camera layers and experimenting.

For the beginning, doors will appear and slide out revealing a path to the “labyrinth”. The camera movement will then go forth and slowly pan down while going backwards to reveal the whole labyrinth from a top view like in the first thumbnail.

And then the camera will then dash forwards into the middle of the labyrinth and all will fade to black. The middle of the daisy will pop up and the petals will spin out one by one from behind to form a full single white daisy as seen in thumbnail 2.

Finally, doors will slide back together while the petals “fly” away and some will reassemble themselves to form the title “Looking For Alaska”. Then everything other than “ALASKA” will fade to black. “ALASKA” will remain and float upwards and then disappear in a puff of smoke. A ninja blade will fly out while a release date fades in.

I’m going to explore the different effects within AE as well to help improve what I have!

And yeah, that’s all for this week, I look forward to what I’ll have as a finished product and thanks for tuning back again!

See you next time~^^


Nov 13. 2015


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Hey there, welcome to my blog!^^

This week we’re going to talk about storytelling and transmedia, and this blog post itself is also a story that I’ll be telling you while I reference my lecture this week~12184285_897875780298180_1212602946919476907_o

So since stories are around us all the time, I’m going to tell you one that I’ve encountered this week and it’s a story that I encountered on Twitter, a controversial discussion of a popular artist that I really like, her name is IU. My tlist literally blew up about this discussion and there are disappointed fans, protective fans, betrayed fans, and also confused fans like me. IU has always known as having a very cute/innocent image and sweet voice, and always makes very adorable/mellow/lovable songs.

Recently, she came back with a new album and she experimented with song/lyric-making a lot this time. However, through her experimentation, many of my 12184274_895700753849016_5570502464937295892_ofriends and netizens found that many of her lyrics of songs from her new album are very suggestive in a very uncomfortable way, as they possibly connect to ‘Lolita‘ themes. Many are very taken back by her alleged ‘Lolita‘ approach and are simply just terrified that an idol they loved so much has done something so “sickening” and “distasteful”.

We haven’t heard from IU’s side about these comments yet but yeah, this was a story that was in the back of my mind this week. I seriously imagine this story being made into a podcast episode since it stirred up so many people’s minds. It’s very controversial at the moment so if it’s made into a podcast, we’ll probably have a lot to talk about, from different perspectives and standpoints, maybe even some further analysis of her songs and images that she’s portraying from her album art/photobook. Maybe there can even be a parody performance from a comedian.

Anyways, I personally appreciate transmedia storytelling very much. It’s a very engaging, entertaining and fun way to extend a story and let the audience continue a “fan experience” in different ways. I wish I can be more engaged in those live “scavenger hunt” like games like what we saw in lecture like the “pre-Dark Knight” city experience and “I love bees”.

So far, some experiences that I have with transmedia would be games (Pokemon, Barbie, Tomagochi – while I was growing up though), apps (for Youtubers like Superwoman, EatYourKimchi; Dumb Ways to Die; Fan apps for music artists I like), podcasts, YouTube video parodies, fan-made sequels, exhibitions. 531668_587763327902838_2012978558_nThe most memorable one that I’ve experienced is the Harry Potter Exhibition that I went to in NYC while I was there for vacation. As a Potterhead I was just so in love with things that extended my experience from the movies and books that I loved while growing up. Also, going to the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London England for “The Making of Harry Potter” is still on my bucket list beasts-ew-1389-cover_459x612soooooooo that better happen soon in the future…..>.> I HOPE.


But yeah, that’s all for this week, thank you for tuning back in, and I’ll see you again next week! 🙂


Nov 5. 2015


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Hello and welcome back to my blog!!

As you can see from the title, I’m very excited about motion graphics just because I’m quite passionate and I watch a lot of motion graphics stuff!

Below are some of my favorites:

The opening of Monster Inc. is definitely one of my favs. It gives a brief overview and foreshadows the movie without giving away much, keeps the audience watching with the interesting visuals. No matter how many times I watch it, I still can’t predict what scene comes next. It’s just so fun to watch!

This is one of my favorite K-pop music videos, it’s from K-pop artist Mino’s “I’m Him”. It incorporates visual rainbow graphic motion which is really cool to watch. The graphics are very refreshing and adds extra context to the video footage underneath to convey the meaning of the lyrics from the music. The flow and transition between one visual to the other is so fluid and smooth, even though the shots of the music video change every few seconds, the graphic motion help connect and lead the audiences’ from one scene to the other >> as you can see from 1:40 to 2:10 of the MV (which is also my fav part from it)

The next one I’m showing here is a Google promo video, I find it really awesome, also because all the visuals blend and transition so well with each other. The flow of the whole thing is just so unbelievably smooth while being very informational at the same time. The whole thing keeps audience retention and  The graphics are really bubbly and cute as well, so I really like it.

Some other ones I like:

Also, we are going to do a motion graphics prototype assignment in class in After Effects. We’re creating a 5-10 second teaser for a movie/book. I think I’m going to do a teaser for the movie “The 40 Year Old Virgin“. It’s one of my favorite movies and as a comedic genre, I think I can experiment a lot with the colour palette to make it fun an bubbly. I’m also thinking of doing some abstract art animations with some movie references to symbolize the main character Andy Stitzer. I’ll probably have to experiment with frame-by-frame animations and tweens in AE!

In conclusion I think I really like it when motion graphics are used in MVs haha!

Anyways, that’s all for this week, I’ll see you again soon~ 🙂


Oct. 23. 2015

[WEEK 4] My Digital Footprint!

Hello! Hope you are well and welcome back to my blog 😀

In this week’s lecture, we learnt about our digital footprints and how it reflects us with each layer of information required on different digital platforms.

5b3d007c-559a-42d9-822a-92be1888b53dI discovered and realized that we develop our digital footprints even before we are born, through our parents, grandparents etc. Also, different digital platforms require constant attention to keep us updated with current trends and technology.

I’d say my digital footprint would be different from other peoples’.

I have Persona A which I go with online, and I have separate emails, profiles, accounts for that persona. With that persona, I communicate with people with similar interests and hobbies as me, for example liking a genre of music, a style of clothing, a type of dance etc.

On the other hand, I have my usual Persona B which is mostly used for work and keeping in touch with classmates/schoolmates/colleagues. I keep the two personas quite separate and don’t let them crossover often. Some of my close friends are aware of my 2 personas but I usually keep my active online persona very lowkey unless people recognize me (as I make videos online).

digital-footprintAfter this lecture, I think I’ve just become slightly more aware of where my infos go and circulate online, but I already have good understanding of the things we learnt this week as “Digital Identity/Footprint” is a common topic that I visit very frequently.

social-networks-v2I think one’s digital identity is pretty important in this digital age we live in and also in the future. When we put information online, invasion of privacy is unavoidable so I really don’t try to avoid anything. You can’t expect to put something online and just say that ‘Oh I’m sure no one will see it and it’s just for myself’. Even for our own personal computers, I’m aware that there are many hackers that go through them everyday from all over the world. I feel like if you feel like sharing content and you’re firm about your choice, no matter how big/small the choice is, publicizing your identity is kind of a given, and a thing you’ll need to “sacrifice” to catch up in the society we live in.

And I guess that’s all for this week! Thanks for tuning in once again and see you next week~ 🙂


Oct. 1 2015


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[Week 3] What’s Your Type?

Hello there and welcome back to my blog^^!!

This week, we talked about typography and learnt more about its uses and also KINESTHETIC TYPOGRAPHY! #newfav

tumblr_nstw58uK5S1r8tkaro8_1280             In this “inspirational quote” design, the typography is seen to be very flowy and the letters are made from “extending” the lady’s scarf. I feel like it’s an inspirational quote for young women going through hardships for motivation and encouragement. I think it’s pretty effective by choosing a soft and flowy material for the typography, as it conveys the message of “embrace change” by being flexible and adaptable.

The next one here is a cover for J-rock band “L’arc ~ En ~ Ciel” for their “Driver’s High” alblaruku_s_cover-17-drivershighum. The font is a Sans Serif font, in bold and in CAPS, the words are on an angle and the letters are squished together, slightly overlapping each other. The white colour used makes it stand out a lot and I think it’s effective in conveying the energy of the album, very hype and high in spirit. I think it also reaches out to listeners who want to change up a taste of their usual jams and try something more fresh and pumped.

And this last example I’m showing here is one of my favorite movie opening sequences ever – the opening from the movie “Catch Me If You Can”.


This opening motion graphic involves kinesthetic typography and the use of stop motion animation. The typography font is a simple San Serif, however, some parts of the letters are often extended( i.e. “l”, “i”, “n”, “m” etc) to be a part of the scenes on screen(i.e. part of a bench/typer/door etc.) I think it was really effective with knowing the context of the film. I think the simple typography reflected the smoothness and slickness of protagonist Frank Abagnale Jr as he commits his series of crimes. The extended parts kind of shows how he somehow leaves a couple of misleading hints behind for Agent Hanratty who is in charge of capturing him. The typography blends with the motion graphic designs nicely and the clean/simple image also gives off a mysterious vibe to draw the audience in to make us want to watch more.

My relationship with typography is hot & cold. Sometimes I think and focus on it a lot but other times I just don’t really care as much. I’ve thought about it a lot but sometimes it’s just not the relevant thing to focus on for me, since I always feel like if there’s a lot of words on screen, it’ll just make my whole image messy if I don’t use it well. But after the lecture this week, I think I’m going to focus on it typography_word_by_wellgraphic-d2ql9m5more and more now, I’ve never thought that typography could be this fun and interesting, like we saw in the kinesthetic typography videos. What I know now will impact what I see the things I see out in the world. I will probably analyze what I see more and more, think about the reasons why a specific type of font/style is used, what type of message it’s trying to convey, its target audience, and similar things like that.

I really enjoyed the lecture this week and had a lot of fun learning so much more about typography. Definitely on my “relevant” list now for all the graphic things I’ll do! \( `w` )/

That’s all for this week, see y’all soon~ 🙂


Sep. 25. 2015


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[Week 2] CRAP! Design Principles

Hello there! Hope you’re doing well~ 🙂

This week, we learnt about the CRAP! design principles. They are: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity. These principles help aid in design and help us improve to make a graphic image more visually pleasing.

25oWQErThis is a girl group called “Red Velvet” (yes, like the cake…) and this image is the track list for their most recent album. This image embodies all 4 of the CRAP principles.

Firstly, CONTRAST. The title of the album – “The Red” has 2 different contrasting fonts, and the sizes are contrasting as well. “THE” is very small, all CAPS and in a very clean/straight line based font; while “red” is all lower case, very big and in a curvy/connected font. Overall, this image shows two colours: bright red and light blue. The colours contrast and the blue helps make the red colours stand out since they’re different.

Secondly, REPETITION. From the amount of girls in this image, we can see where the repetition principal lies. There are 5 girls in Red Velvet and in this image, they are multiplied into a big group. Each of them have similar hair styles/colour and their outfits/make up are identical as well (just different colours). The repetition in this image makes it visually compelling and interesting to look at, even though they look the same, each one is doing a similar but different pose.

Third, ALIGNMENT. All the elements in this image are visually connected through the placement flow of the girls, as they are lined up five after five, gradually going from big to small. The list of their title tracks on the left are small and fits perfectly into the little space on the left. And the title “The Red” nicely divides the image into a 3:7 ratio which I really like.

Fourth, PROXIMITY. Related elements – the cluster of girls are all close together. The words – album title and track list are near each other and provides good balance with the size of the fonts. And the teaser release date is centered in the top half of the image in white, which draws attention perfectly.

This other image I’m showing you is a poster made by a friend of mine, for one of our school musicals – “Thoroughly Modern Millie” (Which Ryerson is doing it this year lol. I was in it last semester and played a character called Bun Foo if you have any idea who that is^^)

10848996_947598298586004_5357446420838350352_oSome of the CRAP principles that this image has are Contrast and Repetition. We can see contrast through the font at the top, “Unionville High School” is in a curly font while “Showtime” and “Presents” are in very straight/bold fonts. The colours of the silhouettes and the show title contrast too, as they are opposite – B&W. Repetition shows through the repetition of the same silhouette, it’s simple and very clean. The background line pattern as well, it supports the other elements in this poster without over powering them and repeating in the back.

I think the CRAP principles is very useful as a design aid, as a guideline to reference when creating graphic designs. It reminds the artist to look at the bigger picture of things, how different elements are able to work and go together, instead of solely perfecting one detailed piece of a big image.

Another task this week is to choose a historical period from this article and find a current example of graphic design that’s inspired by this: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/learning-from-the-past-design-legacy-art/#n7

I chose Art Nouveau from this: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2010/01/12-modern-art-movements-to-inspire-your-logo-design/#more-21437

Examples I found:

Maroon 5 – “Songs About Jane” Album Cover


Iron Man Graphic Design (I really like this one!!)


Aaaaannnd…That’s all for this week! Thanks for reading and see you next week!~ 😀


Sep 18, 2015


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Thoroughly Modern Millie Poster by Scott Zhang

[Week 1] Who Are You? Who Will You Be?

My first ever blog post on wordpress ever! (YAY!)

Started my journey in RTA Media Production a few days ago, and I really like it here!

My impressions of digital media will most likely evolve over the course of my time here I guess. My impressions of the term “digital media” before the 1st class is somewhat on the intermediate level, since my life is hugely integrated with digital media. I think digital media is everything that exists in cyber space, from pictures, to videos, to social media, to the words I’m typing right this moment. Digital media are ideas, elements, stories that are created by people and put in cyberspace for personal or public access. Since I’m part of that cyber world that’s ever growing, I love digital media and have so many social media accounts in this digital age. I also make a lot of videos myself that I put out for people to view on my Youtube channel; ranting in short sentences on Twitter; make “friends” on Facebook; blog about random passions on Tumblr etc.

A student in RTA should take a course like this in digital media because we are still not that knowledgable as we think we are in this ever changing field. It’s important to understand how to adapt and really knowing what we can do in the cyber world, so we can make full use (or better use) and take advantage of what’s actually available for us to gain valuable experience for future reference.

In this course RTA103, I’m looking forward the most to working with After Effects. I personally only played around and used some really basic features in it for my workplace, but I’ve yet to discover how to do fun and interesting effects with it. So my goal is to “generate” a more advanced “sense” for the programs we are going to use, so when I’m at my extracurriculars, I can produce some high quality stuff both for myself and for work.

One of my anticipated challenges would be saving my work in an organized manner. I sometimes tend to save my work on quite a few portable devices, so I end up having many versions of my project(s), and I get lost while trying to find the right file to work on. For other problems…not exactly sure yet but we’ll see when we get there….eventually^^;;;;;;;

What I think I’ll be able to achieve by the end of the course is improving my skills in different aspects of creating digital media. Designing, creating and also understanding everything I learn.

I think I’ll have a lot of fun in this course doing what I love to do!

That’s all for this week. See you again next week~ 😀

– Mich
Sep 10, 2015

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