[WEEK 4] My Digital Footprint!

Hello! Hope you are well and welcome back to my blog 😀

In this week’s lecture, we learnt about our digital footprints and how it reflects us with each layer of information required on different digital platforms.

5b3d007c-559a-42d9-822a-92be1888b53dI discovered and realized that we develop our digital footprints even before we are born, through our parents, grandparents etc. Also, different digital platforms require constant attention to keep us updated with current trends and technology.

I’d say my digital footprint would be different from other peoples’.

I have Persona A which I go with online, and I have separate emails, profiles, accounts for that persona. With that persona, I communicate with people with similar interests and hobbies as me, for example liking a genre of music, a style of clothing, a type of dance etc.

On the other hand, I have my usual Persona B which is mostly used for work and keeping in touch with classmates/schoolmates/colleagues. I keep the two personas quite separate and don’t let them crossover often. Some of my close friends are aware of my 2 personas but I usually keep my active online persona very lowkey unless people recognize me (as I make videos online).

digital-footprintAfter this lecture, I think I’ve just become slightly more aware of where my infos go and circulate online, but I already have good understanding of the things we learnt this week as “Digital Identity/Footprint” is a common topic that I visit very frequently.

social-networks-v2I think one’s digital identity is pretty important in this digital age we live in and also in the future. When we put information online, invasion of privacy is unavoidable so I really don’t try to avoid anything. You can’t expect to put something online and just say that ‘Oh I’m sure no one will see it and it’s just for myself’. Even for our own personal computers, I’m aware that there are many hackers that go through them everyday from all over the world. I feel like if you feel like sharing content and you’re firm about your choice, no matter how big/small the choice is, publicizing your identity is kind of a given, and a thing you’ll need to “sacrifice” to catch up in the society we live in.

And I guess that’s all for this week! Thanks for tuning in once again and see you next week~ 🙂


Oct. 1 2015


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