[WEEK TEN] Farewell…BUT Not Goodbye~

Hey there!

Welcome to my last blog post of the semester…Damn time flew so quickly, this is ALREADY my last post?! :O

This class was really enjoyable and fun, through my different projects, I think I really like to work with straight and edgy styles, maybe cuz I’m not that great at sketching images? I’m probably going to continue developing my straight line edgy style since it’s a style I’m comfortable working with and I’m kinda confident about it too. It’s easy to work with and seem more clean and sleek.

Some themes and ideas that I’d like to explore further are: our identities fakeprofilesin social media, effective graphic motion storytelling in short teasers and also typography for sure. They’re the topics that interested me the most this semester and I’d like to dig deeper and learn more about them to aid in future projects and personal work. Like our identities in social media, it’s transmedia storytelling and it’s actually a very complicated subject to approach. We learnt about it in other courses this semester as well but there’s still so much more to know. At the same time, it connects to my personal life online very much as well, so it’s very relatable.

Anyways, overall, this course has changed me by creating further insight into design principles that I don’t really focus on but encounter all the typography-influences-peopletime. Like typography, motion graphics, now I put them on my priority list when I work on different projects, no matter for school, work or personal stuff. “Irrelevant” things that I use to overlook were brought to focus this semester through different lectures and labs, they were very helpful. My creative ability was more developed as well, as profs and my fellow classmates were very open to different ideas and appreciate them whereas in high school, only the art students have more “relevant” ideas and not all ideas are accepted.

My confidence with the Adobe series is higher now, and I’m getting better with After Effects! afterEffectsCCThat was my goal this semester when looking back, and I think through the tutorials during our labs, I’ve definitely improved, along with a lot of self-exploration of the softwares as well.

I think the most important thing that I’m taking away from this course is thinking more thoroughly about design principles, brainstorming possible ideas, I guess…the overall thought process for creative work. Through this class, I got a better understanding of the process and now, I have a “blueprint” to follow up to whenever I design anything. This class has made me become more aware of the elements that I need to take note and understand when I design or do any creative critiquing.

I think that’s about it for this final post!

It was a wonderful first semester into RTA and I had a great time in 103~

All the best to everyone in everything we do in the future 🙂



Nov 20. 2015


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[CREATION] Artist Statement – â€śERROR;”

I chosemhanitijo_albumcover to create an album cover for one of my favorite music groups – ‘f(x)’. The music that they usually do is electro pop/experimental pop which I really like. The idea, or concept you could say, I went with is “Digital Rebel”. My target audience are the rebellious teenagers of this digital age, we break expectations and we don’t like to stick to rules.

When you look at this cover as a whole, you’ll realize that I made it like a puzzle and it’s an abstract picture of a face. Since teenagers these days are digital rebels, I chose to make the puzzle pieces with straight and edgy lines instead of the usual curvy pieces. There is one piece missing in this puzzle and it’s the person’s mouth. Also the outline of the face is in different shades of blue/green and unusual curves. I did those because teenagers tend to have bold ideas and changing thoughts all the time, so it’s kind of a metaphor for having the freedom and the unpredictable ideas we express.

The colours I chose for this is related to our teenage personality. Green and blue are calming and cool colours which I used to represent the calm/cool appearance of teenagers. Even during times of uncertainty, we still like to act like cool and act like we know/understand just so we can blend in. But we’re actually flustered youngsters with crazy ideas blooming in our minds, and that’s what I wanted to express in the background with mosaic tiles of sketched flowers.

And lastly, the title. I chose “ERROR;”. I think the message I wanted to get across is “We[teenagers] don’t want to be confined by adults and society, if we do, we will become errors of your lives” It’s a pretty savage and bold statement, but I do feel that teenagers these days (like me) are more free to express themselves online than in reality.

P.S. The artist I created this for is a girl group called ‘f(x)’, they’re always able to mold themselves into unique/different music concepts \~w~/


Oct. 9. 2015