[CREATION] Looking for Alaska – NINJA TAKEOVER!

The book I chose is Looking for Alaska by John Green. Side note, Alaska is a name, the name of the female main in the novel.

The style that I approached this teaser is different than the book. I took on this project in a ‘ninja’ themed ‘fan remake’, inspired by Japanese manga Naruto. The original style of the novel would be too bland if made into a short teaser, that is why I took a completely different approach.

The themes from Looking for Alaska such as “coming of age”, “coping with loss”, “personal growth”, “adventures of the teenage life” connected me to Naruto, as they are two very similarly themed stories. However, just to clarify, the teaser does not involve any references from Naruto. Therefore the audience does not need any context from either Naruto or Looking for Alaska to understand my teaser.

I used a lot of ninja themed elements in my teaser and the main colour palette I went with was purple, white, black and brown. Purple seems like the odd one out to show the mysteriousness that the book had. And also in connection to Alaska, purple is conveying the mysteriousness of her character and her leave.

I experimented a lot with the camera movements and object positions when I made this teaser. “Traveling” through part of the labyrinth was the hardest to do, since I had many layers and I had to animate in virtual 3D space.

I wanted to show the speed, teleportation and flight in the transitions of the objects and text. Important references from the novel are used in the process, such as the labyrinth, the white daisy and the “vanishing of Alaska”. I also added in some ninja elements like the Japanese traditional doors, “poof” effects like ninja “teleportation” and the ninja throw knife.

Overall, I tried to synthesize the basic plotline of going through the labyrinth(confusions of teenage life) to cope with loss(white daisy symbolism) and find Alaska but then to realize she’s gone forever(the poof at the end).


Dec 4.15


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