[WEEK 9] AE Motion Graphics Final – Looking For Alaska….NINJA TAKEOVER!!

Hey there! Welcome back to my blog~ 🙂

This week I’m going to talk about my final motion graphics assignment that’s created71pmd9rdkql-_sl1500_ in After Effects! It’s a 10 second teaser for a book that I really like: Looking For Alaska. It’s getting a movie adaption next year but technically it’s not “created as a movie” yet, soooooo…I’m using  this book for my motion graphics.

A small overview of this book and its story:

So the story basically follows main character Miles “Pudge” on his new life journey in a boarding school called “Culver Creek”. He goes by the life motto of “I go to seek the great perhaps” as he meets new, unexpected people and events. In particular a peculiar girl “Alaska Young” caught his attention the most and had a huge influence on him during his time at Culver Creek. 2 things that Alaska talked about the most before her tragic incident (sorry if I spoiled) are white daisies and the way out of the “labyrinth” (of life). But overall it’s a touching coming-of-age story following Miles dealing with a YOLO teenage life and coping with loss.

Naruto-characters-naruto-15115348-500-375So in my 10 second teaser, I took this story and took a ninja inspired approach, since the ideas of the “labyrinth”, “seeking the great perhaps” really reminded me of mysterious and cool ideas of ninja pop culture, very inspired by NARUTO. I just imagespersonally thought that “Looking For Alaska” could very much be like a coming-of-age ninja adventure like Naruto. Just to clarify though, I’m not doing a cross over of “Looking For Alaska” and “Naruto”, my audience doesn’t need to have any context of either of them to get any references. I just wanted to take a ninja themed approach to “LfA” since the story styles/themes of “LfA” and “Naruto” are very similar, I was just simply inspired by “Naruto”. Discovering and learning about life while encountering deep/mysterious concepts of life yet having the story be fun at the same time.

Since the original concept is kinda dull to work with, I’d like to say that my ninja themed take-on is a “fan spinoff” from the original, like how stories have “fanfiction”. (Like how Sherlock is set around early 1900s and is remade into a modern day series etc)

I made sure to include the significant symbols from the book like the white daisies and labyrinth in my teaser. I also added in some ninja elements like the Japanese traditional doors, “poof” effects like ninja “teleportation” and the ninja throw knife.

mhanitijo_1mhanitijo_2mhanitijo_3I incorporated some effects of speed, teleportation and flight in the motion transition20151111_152016-1s of my graphics so far. Here’s some of my rough storyboards on the side…

I hope by the end of my project, I’ll be able to incorporate all the ideas I want to use in it smoothly and effectively in 10 seconds. Like adding some cool camera layers and experimenting.

For the beginning, doors will appear and slide out revealing a path to the “labyrinth”. The camera movement will then go forth and slowly pan down while going backwards to reveal the whole labyrinth from a top view like in the first thumbnail.

And then the camera will then dash forwards into the middle of the labyrinth and all will fade to black. The middle of the daisy will pop up and the petals will spin out one by one from behind to form a full single white daisy as seen in thumbnail 2.

Finally, doors will slide back together while the petals “fly” away and some will reassemble themselves to form the title “Looking For Alaska”. Then everything other than “ALASKA” will fade to black. “ALASKA” will remain and float upwards and then disappear in a puff of smoke. A ninja blade will fly out while a release date fades in.

I’m going to explore the different effects within AE as well to help improve what I have!

And yeah, that’s all for this week, I look forward to what I’ll have as a finished product and thanks for tuning back again!

See you next time~^^


Nov 13. 2015


I do not own any of the pictures, copyright goes under their rightful owners.





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