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This week we’re going to talk about storytelling and transmedia, and this blog post itself is also a story that I’ll be telling you while I reference my lecture this week~12184285_897875780298180_1212602946919476907_o

So since stories are around us all the time, I’m going to tell you one that I’ve encountered this week and it’s a story that I encountered on Twitter, a controversial discussion of a popular artist that I really like, her name is IU. My tlist literally blew up about this discussion and there are disappointed fans, protective fans, betrayed fans, and also confused fans like me. IU has always known as having a very cute/innocent image and sweet voice, and always makes very adorable/mellow/lovable songs.

Recently, she came back with a new album and she experimented with song/lyric-making a lot this time. However, through her experimentation, many of my 12184274_895700753849016_5570502464937295892_ofriends and netizens found that many of her lyrics of songs from her new album are very suggestive in a very uncomfortable way, as they possibly connect to ‘Lolita‘ themes. Many are very taken back by her alleged ‘Lolita‘ approach and are simply just terrified that an idol they loved so much has done something so “sickening” and “distasteful”.

We haven’t heard from IU’s side about these comments yet but yeah, this was a story that was in the back of my mind this week. I seriously imagine this story being made into a podcast episode since it stirred up so many people’s minds. It’s very controversial at the moment so if it’s made into a podcast, we’ll probably have a lot to talk about, from different perspectives and standpoints, maybe even some further analysis of her songs and images that she’s portraying from her album art/photobook. Maybe there can even be a parody performance from a comedian.

Anyways, I personally appreciate transmedia storytelling very much. It’s a very engaging, entertaining and fun way to extend a story and let the audience continue a “fan experience” in different ways. I wish I can be more engaged in those live “scavenger hunt” like games like what we saw in lecture like the “pre-Dark Knight” city experience and “I love bees”.

So far, some experiences that I have with transmedia would be games (Pokemon, Barbie, Tomagochi – while I was growing up though), apps (for Youtubers like Superwoman, EatYourKimchi; Dumb Ways to Die; Fan apps for music artists I like), podcasts, YouTube video parodies, fan-made sequels, exhibitions. 531668_587763327902838_2012978558_nThe most memorable one that I’ve experienced is the Harry Potter Exhibition that I went to in NYC while I was there for vacation. As a Potterhead I was just so in love with things that extended my experience from the movies and books that I loved while growing up. Also, going to the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London England for “The Making of Harry Potter” is still on my bucket list beasts-ew-1389-cover_459x612soooooooo that better happen soon in the future…..>.> I HOPE.


But yeah, that’s all for this week, thank you for tuning back in, and I’ll see you again next week! 🙂


Nov 5. 2015


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