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This week I’m going to talk about the new “Youtube Red” subscription service as it’s creating a big uproar on the internet. Many people are not happy about Youtube’s “grand” idea. šŸ˜¦

What is it?

To be simple, it’s basically an ad-free version of Youtube with a monthly subscription fee of $9.99. It lets you multitask, so if you’re a subscriber, your content can be played in the background even when you’re doing other things on your digital device. It’ll also let you have access to exclusive Youtube/Youtuber content as part of your subscription fee. It’ll also allow you to download the videos you like to watch them offline. Lastly, it’s somewhat connected to Google Play music, so it let’s you enjoy a lot of music content as part of your fee.

You can check out the ad that Youtube made for Youtube Red and wow…the amount of dislikes is insane:

Why are people not happy?

A lot of content are being held as private/blocked and/or taken down already.

Why are we paying a fee for the exact same content we consume, just without ads?

Why are we paying to download videos when we can download them externally with online converters?

I personally think Youtube is turning peoples’Ā passions into business. If people need to pay to watch our content and vice-versa, our viewers are just going to decrease and eventually, both the creator and our audiences will switch over to more reasonable video sites like Vimeo/Dailymotion etc.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.40.47 PM

At the moment, this Youtube Red service is affecting the Asian Pop community the most. Personally, most of the music and MVs I watch are from Youtube, and I’m a very heavy consumer of Asian pop. Now that Youtube Red appeared, it’s blocking some companies’ videos as they have yet to agreeĀ with a new “terms” with the new Youtube Red thing going on.

Apparently it’s going to affect are mostly Americans since Youtube Red is just starting up in the US and have yet to spread internationally.Ā And so, millions are pissed off and saying that Youtube Red will be the end of Youtube.

BUT. It’s actually NOT what people are thinking! šŸ™‚

I know there are people starting petitions and stuff but honestly, it’s really not what people think and what we’re panicking about.

NO ONE is needed to pay anything, neither the creator/subscriber/viewer.

You only pay IF you WANT to have access to ad-free/exclusive content and features.

EVERYTHING will still be free for those who don’t pay!

Just that for those who do, your fee is going to Youtube, and Youtube will split that incomeĀ between themselves and the Content Creator to replaceĀ the “Ad Revenue” that Youtubers are earning their income from.

Everything is still free, no one NEEDS to pay and the videos that are taken down/blocked etc. are due to the Content Creators who have yet to agree to the new terms with Youtube Red.

A video made by a Youtuber explaining the whole idea of Youtube Red:

On the broader side of the Internet…

The internet has enabled us to do so many things, even if a certain function of online media is limited, how many other alternative choices of media can we use to substitute? Nowadays, there are so many ways to go around what we can’t do and enabling us to do even more, how can businesses in media strive online? It’s quite controversial but there’s really no way to stop it. Just like torrenting, even if we can’t watch something, we can always find it somewhere else.

And to be really honest, starting a while ago, I’ve realized that a lot of the videos that big Youtubers make aren’t even that “fresh” anymore, like they used to be. So many ideas recycled again and again, I wonder how the new Youtube Red service would even make their viewers’ experience any different if their contents are just staying on the same level(or go downhill)? How will our Youtube culture be affected?

But yeah, that’s all for this week,Ā thanks for tuning back and I’ll see you soon! šŸ˜€


Oct 29. 2015

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