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This week I’m going to talk about the new “Youtube Red” subscription service as it’s creating a big uproar on the internet. Many people are not happy about Youtube’s “grand” idea. 😦

What is it?

To be simple, it’s basically an ad-free version of Youtube with a monthly subscription fee of $9.99. It lets you multitask, so if you’re a subscriber, your content can be played in the background even when you’re doing other things on your digital device. It’ll also let you have access to exclusive Youtube/Youtuber content as part of your subscription fee. It’ll also allow you to download the videos you like to watch them offline. Lastly, it’s somewhat connected to Google Play music, so it let’s you enjoy a lot of music content as part of your fee.

You can check out the ad that Youtube made for Youtube Red and wow…the amount of dislikes is insane:

Why are people not happy?

A lot of content are being held as private/blocked and/or taken down already.

Why are we paying a fee for the exact same content we consume, just without ads?

Why are we paying to download videos when we can download them externally with online converters?

I personally think Youtube is turning peoples’ passions into business. If people need to pay to watch our content and vice-versa, our viewers are just going to decrease and eventually, both the creator and our audiences will switch over to more reasonable video sites like Vimeo/Dailymotion etc.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.40.47 PM

At the moment, this Youtube Red service is affecting the Asian Pop community the most. Personally, most of the music and MVs I watch are from Youtube, and I’m a very heavy consumer of Asian pop. Now that Youtube Red appeared, it’s blocking some companies’ videos as they have yet to agree with a new “terms” with the new Youtube Red thing going on.

Apparently it’s going to affect are mostly Americans since Youtube Red is just starting up in the US and have yet to spread internationally. And so, millions are pissed off and saying that Youtube Red will be the end of Youtube.

BUT. It’s actually NOT what people are thinking! 🙂

I know there are people starting petitions and stuff but honestly, it’s really not what people think and what we’re panicking about.

NO ONE is needed to pay anything, neither the creator/subscriber/viewer.

You only pay IF you WANT to have access to ad-free/exclusive content and features.

EVERYTHING will still be free for those who don’t pay!

Just that for those who do, your fee is going to Youtube, and Youtube will split that income between themselves and the Content Creator to replace the “Ad Revenue” that Youtubers are earning their income from.

Everything is still free, no one NEEDS to pay and the videos that are taken down/blocked etc. are due to the Content Creators who have yet to agree to the new terms with Youtube Red.

A video made by a Youtuber explaining the whole idea of Youtube Red:

On the broader side of the Internet…

The internet has enabled us to do so many things, even if a certain function of online media is limited, how many other alternative choices of media can we use to substitute? Nowadays, there are so many ways to go around what we can’t do and enabling us to do even more, how can businesses in media strive online? It’s quite controversial but there’s really no way to stop it. Just like torrenting, even if we can’t watch something, we can always find it somewhere else.

And to be really honest, starting a while ago, I’ve realized that a lot of the videos that big Youtubers make aren’t even that “fresh” anymore, like they used to be. So many ideas recycled again and again, I wonder how the new Youtube Red service would even make their viewers’ experience any different if their contents are just staying on the same level(or go downhill)? How will our Youtube culture be affected?

But yeah, that’s all for this week, thanks for tuning back and I’ll see you soon! 😀


Oct 29. 2015


Hello and welcome back to my blog!!

As you can see from the title, I’m very excited about motion graphics just because I’m quite passionate and I watch a lot of motion graphics stuff!

Below are some of my favorites:

The opening of Monster Inc. is definitely one of my favs. It gives a brief overview and foreshadows the movie without giving away much, keeps the audience watching with the interesting visuals. No matter how many times I watch it, I still can’t predict what scene comes next. It’s just so fun to watch!

This is one of my favorite K-pop music videos, it’s from K-pop artist Mino’s “I’m Him”. It incorporates visual rainbow graphic motion which is really cool to watch. The graphics are very refreshing and adds extra context to the video footage underneath to convey the meaning of the lyrics from the music. The flow and transition between one visual to the other is so fluid and smooth, even though the shots of the music video change every few seconds, the graphic motion help connect and lead the audiences’ from one scene to the other >> as you can see from 1:40 to 2:10 of the MV (which is also my fav part from it)

The next one I’m showing here is a Google promo video, I find it really awesome, also because all the visuals blend and transition so well with each other. The flow of the whole thing is just so unbelievably smooth while being very informational at the same time. The whole thing keeps audience retention and  The graphics are really bubbly and cute as well, so I really like it.

Some other ones I like:

Also, we are going to do a motion graphics prototype assignment in class in After Effects. We’re creating a 5-10 second teaser for a movie/book. I think I’m going to do a teaser for the movie “The 40 Year Old Virgin“. It’s one of my favorite movies and as a comedic genre, I think I can experiment a lot with the colour palette to make it fun an bubbly. I’m also thinking of doing some abstract art animations with some movie references to symbolize the main character Andy Stitzer. I’ll probably have to experiment with frame-by-frame animations and tweens in AE!

In conclusion I think I really like it when motion graphics are used in MVs haha!

Anyways, that’s all for this week, I’ll see you again soon~ 🙂


Oct. 23. 2015

[CREATION] Artist Statement – “ERROR;”

I chosemhanitijo_albumcover to create an album cover for one of my favorite music groups – ‘f(x)’. The music that they usually do is electro pop/experimental pop which I really like. The idea, or concept you could say, I went with is “Digital Rebel”. My target audience are the rebellious teenagers of this digital age, we break expectations and we don’t like to stick to rules.

When you look at this cover as a whole, you’ll realize that I made it like a puzzle and it’s an abstract picture of a face. Since teenagers these days are digital rebels, I chose to make the puzzle pieces with straight and edgy lines instead of the usual curvy pieces. There is one piece missing in this puzzle and it’s the person’s mouth. Also the outline of the face is in different shades of blue/green and unusual curves. I did those because teenagers tend to have bold ideas and changing thoughts all the time, so it’s kind of a metaphor for having the freedom and the unpredictable ideas we express.

The colours I chose for this is related to our teenage personality. Green and blue are calming and cool colours which I used to represent the calm/cool appearance of teenagers. Even during times of uncertainty, we still like to act like cool and act like we know/understand just so we can blend in. But we’re actually flustered youngsters with crazy ideas blooming in our minds, and that’s what I wanted to express in the background with mosaic tiles of sketched flowers.

And lastly, the title. I chose “ERROR;”. I think the message I wanted to get across is “We[teenagers] don’t want to be confined by adults and society, if we do, we will become errors of your lives” It’s a pretty savage and bold statement, but I do feel that teenagers these days (like me) are more free to express themselves online than in reality.

P.S. The artist I created this for is a girl group called ‘f(x)’, they’re always able to mold themselves into unique/different music concepts \~w~/


Oct. 9. 2015

[WEEK 4] My Digital Footprint!

Hello! Hope you are well and welcome back to my blog 😀

In this week’s lecture, we learnt about our digital footprints and how it reflects us with each layer of information required on different digital platforms.

5b3d007c-559a-42d9-822a-92be1888b53dI discovered and realized that we develop our digital footprints even before we are born, through our parents, grandparents etc. Also, different digital platforms require constant attention to keep us updated with current trends and technology.

I’d say my digital footprint would be different from other peoples’.

I have Persona A which I go with online, and I have separate emails, profiles, accounts for that persona. With that persona, I communicate with people with similar interests and hobbies as me, for example liking a genre of music, a style of clothing, a type of dance etc.

On the other hand, I have my usual Persona B which is mostly used for work and keeping in touch with classmates/schoolmates/colleagues. I keep the two personas quite separate and don’t let them crossover often. Some of my close friends are aware of my 2 personas but I usually keep my active online persona very lowkey unless people recognize me (as I make videos online).

digital-footprintAfter this lecture, I think I’ve just become slightly more aware of where my infos go and circulate online, but I already have good understanding of the things we learnt this week as “Digital Identity/Footprint” is a common topic that I visit very frequently.

social-networks-v2I think one’s digital identity is pretty important in this digital age we live in and also in the future. When we put information online, invasion of privacy is unavoidable so I really don’t try to avoid anything. You can’t expect to put something online and just say that ‘Oh I’m sure no one will see it and it’s just for myself’. Even for our own personal computers, I’m aware that there are many hackers that go through them everyday from all over the world. I feel like if you feel like sharing content and you’re firm about your choice, no matter how big/small the choice is, publicizing your identity is kind of a given, and a thing you’ll need to “sacrifice” to catch up in the society we live in.

And I guess that’s all for this week! Thanks for tuning in once again and see you next week~ 🙂


Oct. 1 2015


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